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Our Creative Clients

JPM Publishing Co. is proud to work with some of the most visionary authors, bringing their creative writing to life with the help of our dedicated publishing team. Check out the authors we’ve worked with below.

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Jeff Wells

Jeff, the founding Pastor at WoodsEdge Community Church, grew up in Madisonville, Texas. He became a believer in the summer before attending Rice University where he majored in History and was a four-time All-American recipient in track and cross country. While at Rice, he also received the Bob Quin Award as Outstanding Student Athlete.


Jeff is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary where he earned the Master of Theology and Doctor of Ministry degrees. Jeff and his wife Gayle met in Oregon where Jeff was serving in a church internship and running for Nike. When they met, Gayle was working as a nurse.


Kallie Foltz Bahorich

Kallie is the founder of RECESS Ministry. From a young age, she had a heart for God and for leading people to Him.  


Kallie is a gifted, relatable and knowledgable teacher, and her humility, gentleness, insight and passion for God allow her to come alongside women of all backgrounds and minister to them where they are. She truly loves and cares for each woman personally and fully, and in this, she is able to call forth the daughter, sister and victorious warrior they were created to be.

Her passion is worshipping and leading others to worship God. Her desire is to see people encounter Him, know Him and find themselves in Him. Her vision is to see the body unite through a united pursuit of His presence. And her hunger is to see the kingdom and glory of God.

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Nicholas Holloway

Nick is a mystery author based in Texas.

He grew up in southern California and spent his childhood summers hiking the Sierra Nevada mountains where his debut novel, The Loop, is set. He earned his master’s degree from the MFA Screenwriting Program at California State University Fullerton.


Having written much of The Loop while living abroad in New Zealand, Portugal, and Morocco, Nick garners a love of landscapes and frequently sees God in them. He utilizes these dramatic backdrops in his stories, and believes that a story’s terrain is just as important as its characters.


Nick lives in Austin with his wife, Nichole, and their dog-child, Harvey.

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