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"If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.”

– J.K. Rowling


Jeff Wells

Revealing the Heart of God

In a culture where it has become ordinary to use the word “love” to describe our everyday experiences, its impact has become diluted. Its meaning has lost its gravity, its fervor. 

Jeff Wells’s heartfelt reflections on the Word of God bring us back to the original meaning of love. Jeff reminds his readers of the foundation of love, the roots of love, and how we can experience it in our daily lives.


This coffee table book is beautiful household decor that doubles as a great conversation starter, a thoughtful gift and so much more.

The Great Verses

Jeff Wells

365 Verses to Learn, to Love, to Live 


What you find in this book may not be the 365 greatest verses in the Bible, for only God could make that list. Pastor Jeff Wells chose these 365 verses because they are especially meaningful or important or inspiring or comforting. There is something special about each one of them. Of course, every verse in the Bible is inspired by God and therefore important. But some verses are more crucial than others.

Desk with Book

Breaking Free of OCD

Jeff Wells

In the book Jeff tells his story of his desperate struggle with OCD since he was a young man. After struggling off and on, and at times struggling deeply, in May of 2011, at age 57, Jeff hit a low point. He wasn’t sure that he would survive his crisis with mental pain. 

OCD is a painful yet common mental problem. Jeff wrote this book to help people who are struggling with OCD, but also to help people who are struggling with other forms of mental disease. These principles apply to other forms of mental disease as well.

Jeff also wrote this book to help family members and loved ones of strugglers to understand and help their loved who is struggling with mental pain.


Kallie Foltz Bahorich

“‘When you seek Me in prayer and worship, you will find Me available to you” (Jeremiah 29:13). “Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened to you” (Matt 7:7). “Draw near to God and he will draw near to you” (James 4:8). Have you longed for these promises to be real and true in your life? 


RECESS: Seek, Encounter, Know is an intimate and interactive 20-lesson journey into the heart of God. Each teaching is based on Scripture and is designed to help groups of women discover what it means to seek, find and walk intimately with Jesus for a lifetime. The artistic elements incorporated throughout the book help to enhance the already rich content. “My prayer,” says author Kallie Foltz Bahorich, “is that RECESS would empower women with the tools they need to move past head knowledge and into an authentic, victorious and ever-deepening pursuit of Him.”

The Loop

Nicholas Holloway

Can you keep a secret?


In the heart of the Sierra Nevada mountains, a freezing snowdrift blankets the June Lake Loop. For months, aspiring novelist Gallagher Finch has not written a single word. To pass the time awaiting inspiration, Gal satiates his boredom with Adderall, Evan Williams, and one call girl too many. On the eve of his twenty-sixth birthday, he indulges in all three…


And when he awakens, he discovers a bloody secret tangled in his bedsheets.


Still grieving from a tragic murder in the family thirteen years earlier, Gal wonders if old enemies are drawing near once again. He begins to process his nightmares, anxiety, and fear the only way he knows how – he writes. Quickly realizing his own story could be the best-seller he has been dying to publish, Gal weaves together the truth of who killed Daphne Castro, but in the process, he discovers the story that could launch his career may very well be his own deadly ending.


Family becomes foe, dark secrets resurface, and blood can be found on more than one pair of hands.

Unhurried Time With God

Jeff Wells

This is a book that begs to be read by all those who want to know God more deeply and to encounter him more intimately.


From the first page, it is clear the purpose of Unhurried Time with God is for the reader to draw closer to the Father. To experience his love more deeply than ever before. Jeff Wells, Senior Pastor at WoodsEdge Community Church for over 20 years, draws from biblical evidence as well as lessons learned through his own journey to help bring this purpose to fruition.


Wells first focuses on the main reasons why this time alone with God means so much to him. He touches on the tenderness, kindness, grace, forgiveness and love of God. When confronted with this astonishing love, who could not but desire to be at the Father’s feet, soaking that love in? And yet, we often do not. We are reluctant. We push back and convince ourselves that our reluctance is somehow for our own good.


In his simple but powerful style, Wells captures not only the importance of spending time with God, but also offers practical steps for how we can each experience God more fully.


Where and how each of us meet with the Father in the “secret place”, as Wells calls it, is deeply personal, nor does it look the same for any two people. There is therefore no step-by-step process for exactly how to do this. However, Wells provides several practical guidelines and elements of meeting with God that have been influential in his journey.


I encourage you – wherever you are in your faith – read this book. Read it with a heart attitude of self-reflection and with a willingness to grow. Learn to draw close to the Father. To love and be loved.


Soul on Fire

Jeff Wells

Soul on Fire comes out of the preaching ministry of Pastor Jeff
Wells, Lead Pastor of WoodsEdge Community Church for over
twenty-five years. He covers a range of topics related to preaching
in a concise, profound way.

Wells wrote Soul on Fire out of an overflow of his heart. Out of his
passion for preaching. Out of his conviction that God uses biblical

With a tender and compassionate heart for fellow preachers, his
hope for this book is that it be used by God to help you become an
even more effective preacher. May God do it!

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