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LOVE - Revealing the Heart of God

LOVE - Revealing the Heart of God

In a culture where it has become ordinary to use the word “love” to describe our everyday experiences, its impact has become diluted. Its meaning has lost its gravity, its fervor. 

Jeff Wells’s heartfelt reflections on the Word of God bring us back to the original meaning of love. Jeff reminds his readers of the foundation of love, the roots of love, and how we can experience it in our daily lives.

This book includes a variety of compelling scenes from around the world. We hope that you will get lost in the beauty of creation all around us, and that as you marvel at the splendor of God’s greatness you will appreciate all the more his goodness and relentless tenderness for us.

Come on a journey into the heart of God. Renew, rediscover, God’s love for you and your responsive love to God. Take courage to learn more of God’s endless love for you. Open your heart to receive it. Let it spill onto others around you.


    Coffee Table Book dimensions: 8.5’’ x 11.5’’

    Over 130 pages

    Content includes professional photography and original devotionals written by Pastor Jeff Wells

$39.99 Regular Price
$34.99Sale Price
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