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Three Houses on a Hill

Three Houses on a Hill

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Lazalier Brady is an ex-firefighter on the verge of homelessness. When he discovers his sick toddler, Ellie, abandoned by her mother, fatherly instincts take hold despite his dark, haunting secret.

Intent on providing for Ellie, Laz accepts a humble position as groundskeeper to a wealthy oil tycoon in the wild and frozen interior of Alaska. By day, Laz tends to the structure and the grounds of the Dilbrook Mansion. By night, he sits huddled within his Cabin, haunted by the secrets of an eerie Shack perched on the western ridge of Horseshoe Hill.

When he stumbles upon a charred corpse in the woods, Laz unearths a web of murderous secrets kept hidden by the mysterious Dilbrooks, and suddenly finds himself in the deadly center of it all.

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