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Unhurried Time with God

Unhurried Time with God

Also available as an ebook here


This is a book that begs to be read by all those who want to know God more deeply and to encounter him more intimately.

From the first page, it is clear the purpose of Unhurried Time with God is for the reader to draw closer to the Father. To experience his love more deeply than ever before. Jeff Wells, Senior Pastor at WoodsEdge Community Church for over 20 years, draws from biblical evidence as well as lessons learned through his own journey to help bring this purpose to fruition.

In his simple but powerful style, Wells captures not only the importance of spending time with God, but also offers practical steps for how we can each experience God more fully.

Where and how each of us meet with the Father in the “secret place”, as Wells calls it, is deeply personal. This time may not look the same for any two people. There is therefore no step-by-step process for exactly how to do this. However, Wells provides several practical guidelines and elements of meeting with God that have been influential in his journey.

Wherever you are in your faith, read this book. Read it with a heart attitude of self-reflection and with a willingness to grow. Learn to draw close to the Father. To love and be loved.



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